RJF Communications provides a full range of media and consulting services. Based in New York, we work closely with corporations, campaigns and organizations to develop and implement coordinated, consistent and effective communications strategies. Our mission is to help clients achieve their strategic goals by working with them to effectively and efficiently deliver their message. We don't try to fit a client into a preconceived formula. Rather, we work to develop a plan that works for an individual client, in a specific situation, at a particular time. 

In the present environment -- with people bombarded with thousands and thousands of messages from every medium, every day -- successful communications is more important than ever.  Utilizing skills honed in the political arena combined with an expertise that has produced award winning corporate image campaigns, RJF Communications provides the competitive advantage to deliver our clients’ message, build coalitions and prosper in these difficult times.

We provide a strong commitment to individualized service. This close working relationship enables us to make intelligent and informed decisions and allows us to react quickly to new developments and opportunities.  By taking the time to learn the particular needs and goals of our client, we help develop and deliver the message that offers the greatest strategic advantage. The result has been a record of success we are proud of and a solid relationship with our clients of which we are equally proud.
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